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About Tatreez Bazaar

Tatreez Bazaar is a captivating destination for those seeking to explore the rich heritage and vibrant style of Palestine and the Middle East. With our unique collection of innovative designs, we are dedicated to reviving traditional craftsmanship and redefining contemporary fashion. With Tatreez Bazaar, you can embrace tradition while embracing your own unique style.

About the Owner of Tatreez Bazaar

Growing up in the UK, UAE, Jordan, and California, USA, I've been fortunate to experience a rich blend of cultures. After completing high school in California, I pursued my academic journey, earning my bachelors degree from Santa Clara University and my Master of Business Administration (MBA) from San Jose State University.

Despite my academic achievements, my deepest roots lie in my Palestinian heritage, with familial ties stretching back to Gaza, Al-Ramleh, Jerusalem, Zababdeh and Haifa.  Hearing my father recount stories of our ancestral homes, especially the one in Jerusalem that was devastated by war, has deeply impacted me. Visiting our remaining home in 2005, settled by "another family" was a poignant reminder of the resilience and loss ingrained in our history. The recent conflict in 2023 also took a toll on my family in Gaza, where my grandparents house on Salah Street was bombed and my current relatives in Gaza who has endured harrowing experiences of suffering, malnutrition and loss. The only remaining properties that I can still visit to this day, is in Zababdeh, Palestine, close to Jenin. 

My own childhood memories of Gaza (when I was eight years old) are a mix of nostalgia and hardship. I vividly recall crying since I couldn't drink the salty tap water, prompting my uncle's to purchase "Soda" from a nearby store. The Gaza beach, with its beautify breezes yet stubborn traces of black "zift" or oil that washed up on the shore and got stuck in my sandals remains etched in my mind.

These experiences have fueled my dedication to preserving and sharing Palestinian culture. Teaching Traditional Dabkeh at festivals in San Jose, Los Altos, and San Francisco has been a labor of love, as has my involvement with the Ramallah Group of San Francisco, Birzeit Society, and the US Palestinian Community Network - Northern Chapter. Engaging with the Palestinian diaspora at Ramallah Conventions every summer has further strengthened my commitment to our shared heritage.

My love for Palestine guides both my personal and professional endeavors. Through education, cultural preservation, and community engagement, I strive to honor my roots and contribute meaningfully to our collective story, not only through this site - Tatreez Bazaar - but also teaching the new generation - my children, George (9), Nadine (6), and Nawal (7) about Filisteen. 

A Tribute

Tatreez Bazaar is especially dedicated to the memory of my dearest Auntie, Suhaila Nasir, a remarkable woman who left an indelible mark on the world. Auntie Suhaila was the co-founder of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF), an organization that provides critical medical care to sick and injured children. Her unwavering dedication and compassion continue to inspire us today. She passed away on 24th January 2024, 44 days after her husband, Dr. Musa Nasir in Pasadena, California. 

In her honor, we will donate 10% of monthly sales to the HEAL PALESTINE starting from May 2024, ensuring that my aunt Suhaila's legacy of care and compassion continues to touch lives. By shopping with Tatreez Bazaar, you're not just getting a beautiful piece of art; you're making a difference in the lives of children in need. Thank you. 

Reem (O.) Kishek

Owner of Tatreez Bazaar

Email: Tatreezbazaar@gmail.com

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